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Now a day’s even increasing dependence on natural mineral resources in every aspect of the consumer needs, identification of easily exploitable resources is posing a relentless challenge to the mining industry.

We offer a wide variety of geological, mineral exploration, surveying and mining equipment products supplies for Institutes and Organization. We stock the prime range of rocks and minerals collection, geological field equipment and survey products and provide different services.

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Geological Studies

Identification & Delineation of ore bodies …

Geochemical Studies

Stream sediment sampling, Soil sampling …

Remote Sensing & GIS Based Studies

Geological & Geomorphological Mapping …

Geophysical Studies

Electrical Resistivity survey – Sounding, Profiling …

Groundwater Studies

Remote Sensing & GIS based Groundwater …

R&D and Mineral Trading

Metals, Non-Metals, Industrial Minerals …

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Our experts will enable you to plan ahead, so you can prepare for these extra challenges in advance. This way, you can adapt easily, avoid the pressures of unforeseen consequences and protect the morale of your staff. With our help, you can make your profitability sustainable.

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    “Thanks for your amazing service providing! I really appreciate everything that you are doing to make sure our business has a successful start!"

    • Jhon Mina
    • Consultant
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    I would like to make note that the exploration program is currently running slightly ahead of schedule and under budget and this I believe is credited to the GMIC team and supervision of the exploration program.

    • Manoj
    • Project Geologist

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